We safeguard the environment

About Us

ESAC Group is a premier environmental consultancy specializing in holistic, sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. With years of expertise, ESAC stands at the forefront of innovative strategies in waste management, environmental protection, and green building consultation


To be the world's leading consultant in sustainable and environmentally-conscious practices, setting the standard for a greener, better future for all


Empowering businesses and communities with sustainable solutions and state-of-the-art consultancy, while fostering an environmental mindset for a better tomorrow

Our value


Upholding the highest ethical standards in every project and interaction


Building strong relationships with partners, clients, and communities for collective success


Continuously pushing the boundaries to find novel solutions for our clients


Continuously pushing the boundaries to find novel solutions for our clients



Assisting corporations in understanding and implementing sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact

Government Agencies

Collaborating on public initiatives and projects to foster environmental responsibility and drive policy shifts towards sustainability

Construction Companies

Offering expertise on eco-friendly construction practices, waste management, and green building standards

Urban Planners

Providing consultancy on sustainable urban development, environmental impact assessments, and strategies for creating green spaces


Engaging with local communities to promote awareness, education, and adoption of green practices, waste reduction, and resource conservation