Green Building Consultancy

ESAC offers a comprehensive range of services within the built environment, including sustainable building design, building retrofit solutions, innovative building envelope and facade design, landscape architecture expertise, masterplanning and urban design, specialized lighting design, sustainable infrastructure design, and rigorous commissioning and building performance evaluation, ensuring the development of environmentally responsible and high-performance built structures and spaces.


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LEED Certification Support

Providing guidance and assistance in achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for sustainable buildings.

Demonstrates commitment to sustainable building practices and boosts marketability.

Mitigates risks related to regulatory non-compliance and missed sustainability benefits.

  • LEED certification achieved or in progress

Essential for creating eco-friendly, resource-efficient, and cost-effective buildings.

Reduces risks associated with inefficient design and construction practices.

  • Sustainable design recommendations and plans

Sustainable Design Guidance

Offering expert advice on incorporating sustainable design principles into building projects.

Building Retrofit

Advising and facilitating improvements to existing buildings to make them more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Crucial for upgrading older structures, reducing energy consumption, and achieving sustainability goals.

Mitigates risks related to outdated building systems, energy inefficiency, and higher operational costs.

  • Retrofitted building plans and energy efficiency upgrades

Critical to avoiding legal penalties, financial losses, and safeguarding the organization’s reputation.

Minimizes legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance with global standards.

  • Compliance reports showcasing adherence to global standards
  • Documentation of regulatory compliance

Sustainable Infrastructure Design

Providing expertise in designing infrastructure elements (e.g., water systems, transportation) with sustainability in mind.

Urban Building Energy Model

Developing models to assess and optimize energy use in urban buildings and areas.

Critical for achieving energy efficiency and sustainability goals in urban environments.

Helps identify potential energy waste and inefficiencies, reducing long-term operational risks.

  • Urban building energy models and optimization plans

Essential for verifying that buildings meet design intentions and are energy-efficient

Minimizes risks related to faulty installations, underperformance, and increased operational costs

  • Commissioning reports and building performance evaluations

Commissioning and Building Performance Evaluation

Ensuring that building systems and components are installed and operate correctly for optimal performance

UAE Green Building Regulations Consultant and Compliance

Advising on compliance with UAE green building regulations and providing consultancy for sustainable construction.

Ensures alignment with local regulations and sustainability standards, enhancing project viability.

Mitigates risks related to non-compliance with UAE green building regulations and potential penalties.

  • Compliance reports with UAE green building regulations