Integrated Strategy & Policy Advisory

ESAC provides holistic sustainable development advisory services, including strategic guidance on ESG initiatives, policy development, standards compliance, and expert support for transparent reporting, enabling organizations to integrate responsible practices and meet their sustainability goals effectively. With a focus on sustainability, ESAC empowers clients to navigate complex challenges, optimize operations, and drive positive environmental and social impact.

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Sustainability Strategy Development

Crafting a comprehensive plan to enhance sustainability practices within an organization, addressing environmental, social, and economic aspects

Vital for setting a strategic roadmap towards sustainable growth, global recognition, and alignment with evolving regulations.

Proactively addresses potential future risks related to regulatory non-compliance and reputational damage.

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Implementation plan

Essential for ensuring that policies adhere to international norms, enhancing organizational credibility

Mitigates legal and compliance risks through alignment with global standards.

  • Comprehensive policy assessment reports
  • Recommendations for policy enhancements

Policy Analysis

Examining and evaluating policies to ensure alignment with global standards and best practices.

Stakeholder Engagement

Involving and collaborating with relevant stakeholders, including communities, customers, and partners, to gather insights and build relationships.

Demonstrates commitment to sustainability standards, fosters trust, and enhances brand loyalty.

Helps address reputational and operational risks through stakeholder feedback and timely actions

  • Stakeholder engagement plan
  • Reports on stakeholder feedback and actions taken

Critical to avoiding legal penalties, financial losses, and safeguarding the organization’s reputation.

Minimizes legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance with global standards.

  • Compliance reports showcasing adherence to global standards
  • Documentation of regulatory compliance

Environmental Legislation Compliance

Ensuring strict adherence to local and global environmental laws and standards

CSR Consultation

Providing guidance and expertise to develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies and frameworks.

Enhances reputation, social impact, and ethical business practices in accordance with global standards.

Mitigates reputational risks by demonstrating ethical practices aligned with global CSR standards

  • CSR strategies and frameworks in line with global standards
  • Reports on CSR initiatives and outcomes

Essential for making informed, compliant investments and minimizing financial and legal risks

Proactively reduces future financial and legal risks through thorough due diligence in line with global standards.

  • Due diligence reports complying with global standards
  • Recommendations for risk mitigation

Due Diligence and Pre-acquisition Advice

Assessing environmental and sustainability risks before investments or acquisitions

ESG Policy and Framework

Integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into corporate strategy.

Enhances financial stability and meets the growing global demand for ESG compliance and transparency.

Mitigates financial and reputational risks associated with ESG non-compliance.

  • ESG policies and frameworks adhering to global standards
  • Themes and Metrics
  • Materiality analysis
  • Guidelines for ESG reporting

Vital for achieving and demonstrating compliance with global environmental regulations and standards.

Minimizes environmental risks through systematic adherence to global standards

  • – Implemented EMS in accordance with global standards
  • Audit reports demonstrating compliance
  • Documentation of regulatory adherence

Environmental Management System

Implementing a structured Environmental Management System (EMS) to manage environmental aspects effectively.

Supply Chain and Reporting Transparency

Enhancing sustainability and transparency in the supply chain to meet global expectations

Crucial for reducing supply chain-related risks and meeting evolving global sustainability reporting requirements

Reduces risks related to supply chain disruptions and enhances market competitiveness.

  • – Supply chain sustainability reports conforming to global standards
  • Transparent reporting practices
  • Implementation Plan

Demonstrates commitment to world-class sustainability practices and gains third-party assurance.

Mitigates risks by gaining external validation of sustainability practices aligned with global standards.

  • Peer review reports confirming alignment with global standards
  • Recommendations for improvement

Peer Review Roles

Seeking third-party expert validation of sustainability efforts